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Aurora Bear Window Decal (Special)

The Alaska Aurora & Bear Window Decal is made from high quality 3M Vinyl, specifically for outdoor and vehicle use. This sticker comes in full color showing what we all love about Alaska!

Size of Decal:

✅ Large Size: 5" Wide by 4" Tall

    The decal is the same cut as our Aurora Moose Decal Here. It's cut out into the shape of Alaska, not a square.

    Now you can show off what's so great about Alaska. This decal is sure to be a conversation starter for those living outside of Alaska and who have had the honor of experiencing this great state.

    These stickers can take a beating from all weather elements and still look great. Our stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove!

    The color is protected by a clear coat which is applied after printing. With Air Release Channels in the adhesive makes it much easier for a novice to apply without the risk of getting bubbles during application. 3M vinyl also makes removing of this decal easier than most material and will most likely leave no residue.

    Average life of this decal is 3-5 years, depending on local weather.

    You can place our stickers on any flat surface (window, car bumper, camper, or other flat solid surfaces).