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2019 Alaska Calendar - Featured Photographers

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Tami Biorn - Cover Photo

Caption: Matanuska Valley summer sunrise with blooming fireweed. 

Tami Biorn - August

Caption: Denali surrounded by fall colors seen from the Denali Highway.

Bio: I moved to Alaska from Montana in 2014 with my family and we instantly fell in love with this big beautiful state. I have always enjoyed photography, but didn’t start to truly explore my passion for it until moving to Alaska. With the abundant beauty and wildlife that surrounds us, I love getting outdoors exploring, photographing, and experiencing all that this majestic state has to offer.

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Ben Traylor – January

Caption: Taken along the banks of the Knik River right near the Old Glenn Bridge in Butte.

Bio: My name is Ben Traylor. I've lived in Alaska going on 30 years. I love to explore Alaska with my wife and 3 kids. I started photography in 2012. I was tired of sitting on the couch and needed a reason to get out and explore this great state that I had been living in most of my life. I've been to many places around the world. Alaska is by far the most diverse.


Julie Northrop – February

Caption: Beautiful in Blue, Whittier Boat Harbor. 

Bio: Growing up surrounded by the magnificence of Alaska, Julie Northrop developed a love for capturing the immense beauty around her at a young age. She shared her passion for photography and nature with her late father and always has him in her heart as she dedicates her life to the craft. Her husband, daughter, and son often tag along on adventures to photograph the breath-taking scenery and wildlife that her home state is so famous for.

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Jon Cornforth - March

Caption: Stranded icebergs at low tide in front of the Lamplugh Glacier as the sunrises over the mountains of Johns Hopkins Inlet.

Jon Cornforth – July

Caption: Brotherhood Park's famous fireweed display spectacularly frames the Mendenhall Peaks at sunset - Juneau.

Bio: Since 2001, Jon has traveled year-round to explore exotic locations and to photograph the unique creatures who live there. All of his images are captured in the wild. In 2016, Jon moved his family from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. He lives on the beautiful north shore with his wife, Daisy, and daughters, Maddy and Chloe.

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Angie Middleton - April

Caption: Spring lupine field at Twenty Mile River in the Portage Valley.

Bio: Angie Middleton of Arctic Wonders Photography is a 45-year Alaska resident whose interests include travel, the outdoors, and road trips. Her images focus predominately on exploring Alaska's natural canvas through the eyes of her lens.  


Ed Boudreau - May

Caption: Douglas Island's pump house that serviced Treadwell Mine, near Juneau.

Bio: I am a landscape and nature photographer currently living in Eagle River, Alaska. After spending 28 years focusing on the defense of my country, my minds eye had always been focused on her beauty. After retirement in 2010 my lovely wife bought me my first DSLR and pushed me out to the great outdoors and I'm having a blast running amuck throughout Alaska, trying to stay one step ahead of the bears. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed bearing the elements to capture what moved me. 

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Anthony Madden - June

Caption: Magnificent evening view from the tent area - Sow and her 3 cubs digging for clams by McNeil River. 

Bio: Anthony Madden resides in Anchorage Alaska. He has been capturing the beauty of Alaska for 17 years. After 37 years of photography, he still loves to share and help others capture fantastic images of Alaska. My favorite location, "The Denali Mountain Range". See you on the trail. 


Brent Reynolds – September

Caption: Pioneer Peak looms large over a beautiful fall morning at Eklutna Tailrace.

Brent Reynolds – October

Caption: Fall sunrise in the Eagle River Valley.

Bio: I picked up photography after serving in the Coast Guard - photographing friends and family along with landscapes simply because I enjoyed it. Photography quickly evolved from a hobby into a passion and today I feel most in my element shooting landscapes and wildlife. I love adventure and traveling the road less traveled; that's why I love living and photographing in Alaska. On any given day you can find me on the trails with my wife, daughter, and faithful furry friend in search of my next inspiration. 

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Matt Skinner – November

Caption: The sun casts a perfect light along the Portage Glacier.

Bio: Alaska has been “home” to me for the last nine years. Landscape photography is my greatest passion, although I love to shoot just about anything. Since around 2014, I have actively photographed the Aurora Borealis and the landscape around Alaska. I have have been honored to be published in multiple print magazines such as Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, Frontier Magazine, and Alaska Magazine. The technique and the constantly changing settings required to photograph the Aurora have benefited me in all other aspects of my photography and have forced me to become a better photographer. I look forward to the future and sharing the joy of what I get to experience behind the lens of my camera.

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Brant Dallas – December

Caption: Looks like firewood is close for this cabin, taken from up the Yentna River.

Bio: My wife Becky and I consider ourselves lucky to be counted among the few fortunate Americans that call Alaska Home. I love sharing the beauty of this breathtaking state with family, friends, and social media followers as I see it through the lens of my camera. Due to my unique circumstances I get to spend more than just a few days in some very remote parts of the state. This allows me to capture Alaska at her best. Thanks go to God for blessing us with such a beautiful place to live, work and play.

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