Circle Moose Decal

Get our new Moose Decal! Show off your love for Moose and Alaska. We are shipping thousands of these decals and hope to see these on vehicles across the USA!

2 Options To Choose From:

✅ 3" Circle Decal - Green Aurora

✅ 3" Circle Decal - Blue/Green Aurora

We only made 500 of each design and are offering each at $2.25. These are high quality vinyl stickers that have a life of 2-5 years*.

*Black border around the decal may vary in thickness, with the actual thickness being thinner than represented in the picture.

Special Offers:

🎁 Buy 3, Get 1 Additional Decal Free! We will automatically add the free decal when we ship your order.

🎁 Buy 6, Get 2 Additional Decals Free! For every 3 you order we will add an additional decal!

Who Is This Moose Decal Made For

This decal is for those who love Alaska, but especially Moose! If you follow us on Facebook you will see our new logo is this Moose!

These are printed in full color on vinyl and then protected by a clear coat which is applied after printing. With Air Release Channels in the adhesive makes it much easier for a novice to apply without the risk of getting bubbles during application.

These stickers can take a beating from all weather elements and still look great. Our stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove!

Average life of this decal is 2-5 years, depending on local weather.

You can place our stickers on any flat surface (window, car bumper, camper, water bottle, computer case, or other flat solid surfaces).

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marjorie Worden
Cute decal

I put it on our camp trailer

Millie Russell
Moose Decal

Think the Moose decals are super and a nice addition to my car window

Jim Elder
Moose decal

I got the decal and it was exactly what I wanted.

Bill Wilson
Really Cool Decal!!

I ordered 10 of these new moose decals, as I share them with friends as well as post it on the rear of my truck topper. The decal is beautiful!! My only concern with it is that is smaller than what I anticipated. Most of your other decals I've bought over the years were roughly 4"X4" (or 4" round) in side. This one is smaller at about 2.5" diameter. It's not a big deal, I was just expecting a larger size. I still think it's fantastic, please don't misunderstand.

Jodi Anderson

Vibrant colors and great quality.